Having a bodyworker is an integral part of a successful training program.    Anna is an important piece in helping me be aware of what is going on with my horses. Her knowledge and intuition around the horses allows her to give useful feedback that is a first line of defense against performance related injuries.  She is committed and passionate about helping horses feel their best.  Anna has a fantastic rappor with the horses and her love for the animals comes through in her work.  Once she has seen the horses a few times she can monitor trouble spots and often times clear tough issues.  I am thrilled for her to be a part of my team!  

~Laura Klecker

“My off the track thoroughbred had muscle spasms & extreme back soreness.  Using massage therapy as a rehabilitation before going back into training has done wonders for him!"  ​

Barbara, Prince's owner


"Anna did an amazing job on my 5 year old show horse. He is in great shape, but has some tightness going to the right. He loved every minute of his massage, and she showed me the benefits while she was working on him. She also gave some tips to help loosen him up in the areas of concern in between sessions. Love this method of treatment. Anna is a very professional and knowledgable Equine Massage Therapist. Highly recommend!"  ​

Cassandra, Noah's owner


"Anna, I can't thank you enough for your gentle hands and expert knowledge on dealing with Olive's back condition. After her session she is practically snoring away in her stall. You are the best! Many thanks lovely Anna!"

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Waverly is like melted butter under Anna's magic touch. He is in consistent work and Anna helps him with soreness issues.  She is a professional, and has an unique quality of serenity that my horse appreciates.  Thank you Anna, for helping Waverly become a very happy horse, that enjoys his work pain free.  -Carol

Anna is so kind and answered all of my questions. After only one session I could feel and see a big difference in my gelding who had some pain and stiffness. I will definitely be using Anna in the future!!  -Titan's Mom