Pas de Cheval Studio 

Yoga & Conditioning for Riders

Online Classes coming October 2018!  Stay Tuned... 

Soon you will be able to take yoga & conditioning classes whenever and wherever - molding your rider fitness routine around YOUR schedule.  


Often riders don't realize the impact their imbalances have on a horse.  We want our horses to become supple, strong, and balanced, so we as riders need to become these things as well.  The basic yoga and rider positions are the same - align the ears, shoulders, hips, and ankles.

Yoga makes the rider conscious of the stiffness in the muscles, and helps these tight areas to relax and align.  Yoga can help a rider become balanced in the saddle and harmonious with the horse.  After all, our movement and stiffness reflects on the horse, so mastering our own bodies is a must in order to train our horses to do the same.

$50/ private session (1 person)

$30/ person for semi-private (2 people)

$20/ person for semi-private (3 people)
$10/ person for group class

Yoga classes run 1 hour in length.

Yoga Cheval - Yoga with your horse!

$60/ person for private session (1 horse/rider pair)

$40/ person for semi-private session (2 horse/rider pairs)
$25/ person for group session (3+ horse/rider pairs)

Sessions last approximately 1- 1/2 hours


1. Riders meet first moving through some basic yoga postures, learning how to breathe, and tune into their own body awareness.

2. Riders will then bring their horses to the arena. We will begin on the ground with connection exercises and gentle stretching for both rider and horse.

3. Riders will mount and practice yoga on horseback, breathing deeply and forming a connection with his/her equine partner.


Classes focus on improving:




body awareness - weight placement & alignment




connection with horse